Terrible shooting during an argument in Englewood home.

Four women were shot and murdered, and four others were critically injured.


When an argument broke out inside a home in Englewood on the South Side early Tuesday, four women were murdered during shooting, and four others were critically injured.

After gunfire erupted at 5:40 a.m. in the 6200 block of South Morgan Street, the women were all pronounced dead at the scene.

Four more persons were rushed to the hospital, two of whom were in critical condition.

Family members of one of the fatalities, Denise Mathis, approached the cordoned-off stretch of South Morgan one by one. Some people were in tears. Others cursed the disaster that had occurred.

Mathis, who was in her early 30s, was described by her family as a loving mother of four sons and a girl. She’d gone to Six Flags with her boys on Monday.

Vickie Smith, a cousin, described her as a “nice person” who was “free-spirited.” “She was devoted to her family.”

A woman raced under the police tape covering the entrance to South Morgan at West 63rd earlier Tuesday, sobbing uncontrollably. She was swiftly encircled by cops and led behind the barricade.

She shouted out a few moments later, “They killed my daughter.” That is my child. That is my child.”

The woman then got into a truck with Andrew Holmes, a community volunteer, and drove away.

The shooting’s circumstances are still being investigated.

The shooting is the city’s third mass shooting in less than a week.

Written by Craig Tucker

Craig Tucker is the senior reporter of 24ChicagoNews. Previously he worked with CNBC Los angles. Mr. Tucker has two beautiful daughters. In leisure, Mr tucker plays golf and writes short stories.

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