Indiana Lawmaker Displays Firearm to Students in Gun Rights Discussion at Statehouse


The Indiana Democratic Party has recently issued a statement expressing their criticism towards Rep. Jim Lucas. This comes after a video surfaced in which he seemed to display a firearm to a gathering of high school students during a discussion on gun rights.

In a video initially shared by The Statehouse File, Representative Lucas, a Republican from Seymour, responds to a query regarding the right to bear arms by showcasing a holstered gun to the students. This demonstration aims to convey his perspective on the matter.

According to a student from Burris Laboratory School in Muncie, she and four other students attended a day of advocacy with Students Demand Action, a branch of Everytown for Gun Safety, at the state Capitol on Tuesday. Alana Trissel, 17, shared that Lucas inquired about their purpose for being at the Capitol and proceeded to advocate for gun rights.

In discussing places where firearms are banned, Lucas said people aren’t “truly free” unless they can defend themselves.

During the video, a student off-camera inquired if Lucas was discussing carrying a firearm. Around six minutes into the ten-minute video, Lucas responded, “I am carrying right now,” and proceeded to reveal a holstered handgun by opening his suit jacket.

A student then remarks that “nothing about someone carrying a gun makes me feel safe.”

Lucas responded by saying, “Those are feelings. I’m talking facts.”

Following the Senate Corrections Committee’s approval of a bill expanding the right to carry firearms into the state Capitol, an exchange took place between Lucas and the students. The bill now progresses to the House for further consideration.

Mike Schmuhl, Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party, criticized the interaction.

GOP’s Alleged Prioritization of Gun Lobby Over Safety Sparks Criticism and Calls for Change

“Indiana Republicans seemingly have enough time to belittle and intimidate high school students in between passing laws defunding the police, expanding child labor, and helping the gun lobby get off in court,” said Schmuhl.

“This supermajority puts the interests of the gun lobby over those of our local governments, and even the safety of Hoosier students. It’s wrong, and it’s time to check their power at the ballot box in November.”

Representative Lucas recently posted an article on his Facebook page, expressing concern for individuals who are being taught to fear their most effective means of self-defense.

“People are also being indoctrinated to depend on government for their ‘safety,’ even when shown that government has clearly ruled that government doesn’t have the duty to protect us,” Lucas wrote on Facebook.

In his statement, Schmuhl implied that the state’s GOP has abandoned its efforts to combat gun violence.

“Indiana Republicans say laws can’t stop gun violence. They have no plan to stop gun violence because they do not believe it is possible,” Schmuhl said. “We all deserve an Indiana where students — and everyone in our communities — feel safe and gun-owning Hoosiers can do so safely and responsibly.”

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